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The solidarity fund aims at achieving social security for students in a different manner and contribution in implementation of student service, solving problems that students face. The council of the fund consists of professor dr. (vice dean of education and student affairs) (head officer of the council) and two of the staff members, the council of the college chooses it every year ,the manager of youth care administration  and the student who is the secretary of the union after the election , it provides aid for the student in a financial form  and the exchange  is made through the committee fund  

                 Procedures for obtaining solidarity:


According to the article (58) of the financial and administrative regulations for social solidarity fund for university students, this states:

1-the student must be Egyptian

2-it must not have been issued against him disciplinary university decisions, interferes with his enjoyment of the sponsored fund.

3-the student must be new in his year  unless the fund board sees that his social conditions justify the disbursement of social assistance to him


1-the student requests a subsidy exchange explaining in it the reasons and the kind of aid to the youth care.

2-the committee solves the problem according to the resolution from the chairman of the board of directors of the fund and headed by one of the staff members as a member of the board of directors of the fund and its membership one of the college social workers and the student who is the secretary of the student union study the aid requests and they recommend of which is necessary to each case.

3-determine the type of assistance, the exchange amount and the date of exchange, registering it in an application for every student who needs the aid.

4-the committee of assistance presents the requests of social aid after unloading cases of each student to the board of directors of the fund.

5-the aid is given to each student according to the exchange decisions by the board of directors of the fund.

6-allocation of cash amount at the disposal of vice dean of education and student affairs to face the immediate emergency aid.

7-the student obtains the financial assistance during a month of requesting the aid after searching , reviewing the requests and ensuring credibility of the research ,taking into account the principle of confidentiality

For obtaining the the application, please go to the department of youth welfare



Statements have been disbursed from the social solidarity fund





fees paid

25 students



fees paid

202 students



cash assistance

35 students



fees paid

125 students




387 students



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