Youth Care


The administration of youth welfare in the college provides services and student activities as the following:

1-helping students in developing their activities and fulfilling their needs in the following activities:(sports, cultural, social, public services and flights)

2- Payment of social assistance to students after conducting social research to them (regularity-enrollment directed)

3-transfer patient students to the university hospital and take the financial and administrative procedures necessary for special cases

4-university book support for new students in each  year(regularity-enrollment directed)

5-passport for students during summer vacation

6-quit graduates

7- Issuing letters of banks and companies training and follow-up on reports of students

The department of youth welfare in the college aims at:

1- Deepen the feelings of national cohesion

2- Maximize the feeling of belonging and loyalty among students

3-providing care, culture and media

4-developing youth regulation to increase the effectiveness of student participation

5-supporting student activities and encouraging the discovery of talented

6-encouraging communication between students, staff members and university employees



Sports activity


The state cared about the sport and athletes and the university contributed through its colleges to provide physical possibilities that helped students to exercise their activities .

The sport is considered an important field and it has an influential role in the preparation of the individual and the sport helps in the growth of the individual an integrated growth in all respects. The sport has an essential necessity in all stages of the individual growth to maintain his fitness, and get rid of fatigue. The sport is an essential meal for everyone.

For registeration: volley ball, basket ball, hand ball, table tennis, boxing, wrestling, body building, athletics Taekwondo and karate


Cultural activity

Cultural and religious competitions are held in the cultural, literary, religious AND SCIENTIFIC TOPICS, WALL MAGAZINEs, long stories and short stories. Competitions are also held in the holey Quran, the hadith, the four well known imams, writers and scientists and the committee registered in the competition that the university and the supreme council for sport and youth regulate.



Social activity


The committee works on encouraging students for the participation in social competitions like: wall magazine competition and social researches

The achievements:

1-participation in chess competition.

2-participation in the blood donation campaign.

3-iplementation of a trip to Cairo / Ismailia

4-implementation of a trip to magic land and visiting orphanages in kafr elsheikh.



Artistic activity

The committee develops the talents and technical personnel to the college students, showing the energy of youth that loves the spirit of theatre and art and training students in all the theatre art, directing acting, painting and all the technical exhibits of the students.



Student families' activity


The students involved with the professor doctor (the family pioneer) in all the activities carried out by the department of youth welfare through the family.

The achievements:

The committee of families is one of the special committee of the federation of students that is worked under the leadership of one of staff members and practiced during it all the activities(sports- art- culture).the committee of families comprises five student families and it participated during the year in all activities under the leadership of the staff members. The committee of families obtained numerous awards in the festival of student families.


Public service and scouts

The committee is working on helping students who wish to participate in the scouts

(public service projects-scout camps) and participation in the camps in all commerce colleges in universities of Egypt and also the participation in the university camps and public, national and international camps ,in addition to participation in the public service camp inside the college and the preparation camp to participate in the  commercial cycle 

Brief about students union:

Students union is a legitimacy channel that you can express your opinion through it consists of the students enrolled in the college  to get the bachelor degree  and paid the fees of the union


The objectives of the union:

1-develops spiritual and moral values and nationalconsciousness among students and familiarizes them with the leadership to provide them with opportunities to express their opinion.

2-broadcast university spirit among students and close the ties between students, staff members and employees

3-discover talents and skills of students and encourage them

4-publish and encourage formation of student families and associations and support their activities.

5-publish and organize social, cultural and sport activities raise their standards and encourage the excelling students.

6-organise the benefit of the potential of students in community service.


How to apply to nomination to students union elections


1-obtaining the nomination application from the youth care of the college.

2-after the completion of all the data in the application and bringing it back to the youth care according to the appointments declared in the college.

3-the college reviews the requests and accepts who is subjected to the conditions and excludes who violates the nomination.

4-attached statements of those who meet the conditions , if you don’t find your name although the conditions , you have to lodge an appeal to the appeals committee college.

5-the final names are announced according to the election schedule , any student should not appeal  after the announcement of the final statements.

6-elections are held and results are attached in a timely manner .


The formation of the council of students union:





anis elsaied ahmed abd elwahab

general secretary of the union


mohammed Mustafa shehab el dien

assistant secretary union



The committee of families



amr farouk kalboush

the secretary


Omar mohammed Omar ibrahim

assistant secretary



The committee of sports activity



mohammed ali Saad ibrahim

the secretary


anis elsaied ahmed

                                           assistant secretary


The committee of cultural activity


Mohamed Hosni ahmed



waleed elsaied naeem

assistant secretary


The committee of artistic activity


Mohamed alaa awny



ahmed abd elfatah farid

assistant secretary



The committee of public service


Mohamed Mustafa shehab eldien



Mahmoud Mohamed Mustafa

assistant secretary



The committee of social activity and flights





ahmed Amir elmaghwry




Hazem Mohamed el Saied

assistant secretary



The committee of scientific and technological activity



Mohamed elsaied ghanem



sameh ahmed halawa

                                                  assistant secretary


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