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The department introduces a media program with the aim of preparing a graduate who is able to work in the fields of journalism, radio and television, public relations, and graduate program characteristics (journalism path)

A graduate of the Media Program (Journalism Track) at the Faculty of Arts, Kafrelsheikh University, must have the ability to:

1. Understand the nature of journalistic work and the factors affecting it.

2. Practicing journalistic work in a paper and electronic newspaper with skill and competence.

3. The practical application of standards of professional conduct and all legislation and ethics for the profession of journalism.

4. Exercising accurately and independently in conducting research, media studies and public opinion research.

5. Editing, directing, and creatively producing a paper or electronic newspaper.

6. Gain effective communication skills.

7. Critical thinking and solving problems that they may encounter during their journalistic work and performance of the profession.

8. Forming a cultural background in various knowledge.


Academic criteria for a media program (journalism track) that should include:

Knowledge and understanding

The graduate should be able to:

Clarifies the scientific concepts of journalism and the media system.

Describes the steps for issuing and producing the paper and electronic newspaper.

Traces the history, development and current description of the Egyptian and Arab press.

Describes the steps for editing each journalistic form.

Learn about the variables related to the Arab and international press.

Learn about the ethics of journalistic work and professional codes of honor.

Learn the methods of measuring public opinion and identifying its trends towards events, issues and problems.


The graduate should be able to:

Analyzes the factors affecting the journalistic performance.

Compare the different stages of the development of the Egyptian and Arab press.

Plan to produce a paper (or) electronic newspaper.

Criticizing legislations and laws that regulate the press.

Apply the ethics of journalistic work and professional codes of honor.

Apply the technical steps for the different forms of journalism.

Analyzes the variables of the journalistic work environment.

Analyzes the reality of the Egyptian, Arab and foreign press.

Plan to conduct research related to the press.

Choose problems related to the profession and analyze different solutions or alternatives to them.

Plans a poll or survey to measure public opinion about the events, issues and topics raised in the community.