Requirements of PhD degree

Final qualifying exam:

·         The final qualifying exam is held after the student has passed all studied courses assigned in his study program with an overall 1,75 GPA result.

·         Based on recommendation of scientific department, the faculty council will form a committee for the qualifying exam consisted of seven specialized professors or assistant professors from Agriculture or another faculty. The committee consists of the head supervisor, two of the scientific department and two or three from other departments in related disciplines and finally one or two from another faculty in the same discipline. The committee must be approved by the deputy of the University chancellor for higher graduates. The exam aims at testing the scientific abilities of the student in his field of research and other related fields, also his ability to analyze and solve scientific problems.

·         Based on the invitation of the head supervisor, the qualifying exam committee will examine the student orally in a public session attended by specialized persons. The exam results are either (Satisfying (S) or Unsatisfying (U)). The committee then present a report with their decision indicating if the student is qualified to pursue their research to obtain a PhD in Agricultural Sciences of not. If the report result was U, the student must re-take the exam again after three months by the same committee unless a change is suggested by the department council and approved by the faculty council.

·         The validity of the qualifying exam committee is six months that could be extended, or another committee could be formed if reasons were present by the departmental council and approved by the faculty council.

·         If the student failed to take the qualifying exam two times neither another exam is allowed nor the completion of the PhD degree in the same program or any other programs in the University.

Submission and successful defense of a formal PhD dissertation


The student must defend their PhD thesis within one year of the qualifying exam result as certified by the deputy of the University chancellor for higher graduates, otherwise, another exam should be held. Also, student must publish at least two papers in one of ISI listed journals.

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