PhD eligibility criteria


1.      To register for a PhD degree at the department, the student must:

2.      Have obtained Master’s degree in Agricultural sciences from an Egyptian university in the field of study or an equivalent degree in the same field or related from a higher institute certified by the supreme council of universities.

3.      Have obtained an overall GOOD or 1.75 GPA points in courses studied in master.

4.      Present a recommendation letter signed by one of the Master’s supervisors indicating he/she is qualified for a PhD study.

5.      It is preferred that the student works in the scientific research field such as universities, research institutions and research and development departments in companies or related institutions.

6.      Pass any preliminary tests required by the department.

7.      Have not gone through any disciplinary procedures by any scientific institution.

8.      Besides attending determined courses, a student has to carry out research/researches that is approved by the postgraduates and research council of the university (PhD thesis research) and included in the departmental research plan. The research should be suggested by the departmental council and approved by the Faculty of Agriculture council. It should not be less than 3 years and not more than 5 years of work time of registration date. A student can extend the research for one semester based on the academic guide recommendation and faculty and departmental councils. A student must obtain 1.75 points in the studied subjects.

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