Vision & Mission & Objectives


The department seeks to be a leader in teaching and research in the field of genetics and biotechnology and its applications; in all aspects of human development, to meet the current and future agricultural challenges


Prepare qualified human resources in the field of genetics and biotechnology to improve agricultural production and scientific research,
by preparing students who believes in science as a mission, as a human being as a target, and advanced technology as a tool as a strategic objective.


Department Goals

1- Maintaining the advanced status of the department in education and scientific research in the field of genetics, biotechnology and community service. 
2- Prepare a highly qualified graduate who will deal with challenges according to the requirements of the working and  to have competitive ability in labor market compared to their counterparts from the other faculties
3- Providing students with the appropriate knowledge in the field of genetics and biotechnology through a curriculum covering theoretical and practical aspects and training 
4- Focus on agricultural problems, the most important of which are environmental pressures and ways to solve.
5- Providing education and training to specialists and those interested in agricultural field from the community and faculty members
6- Providing community services for the production of vegetable and fruit plants using tissue culture technology
7- Participating in the research projects in the interest of the general plan of the faculty and improving the community.
8- Providing scientific consultations which serve the local community to improve the environment.
9- Participating in the scientific publishing works and national and international scientific conferences.
10- Strengthening scientific contacts with the other universities 



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