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Prof. Yahya Eid 


 My students, It is a pleasure to welcome all of you in the faculty of agriculture, Kafrelsheikh University. Moreover, I look forward to your contribution to this educational edifice, which has turned 50 years. Local and regional work will only be possible by adopting a strategy based on teaching and interactive learning to weigh students' skills through their interaction with the educational process. In addition to the insistence of the college and the university on the implementation of this strategy to bring about an educational, research and cultural renaissance. With constant care for continuous development according to Plans to keep pace with new changes in the market Work. In addition, fit with the standards of ensuring the quality of education and within the framework of the management of the Faculty of Agriculture Kafrelsheikh University. To build a distinguished graduate capable of competing with his marriage locally, regionally and globally.

 This will only come through: - working in the spirit of the one team within the college and the university or when the interaction between the university and the community. Constructive response to requirements work is certainly on the sobriety and quality of academic programs, and the good building of the individual through them. In addition, preparing it for a changing world that requires positive interaction with its data. To stimulate the spirit of interaction with society with all its kinds, institutions and individuals. In order to achieve the goals of the overall development of our beloved Egypt Legacy solid foundations of academic and professional cooperation with a group of leading universities around the world to the sure benefit of the students enrolled in the college in the first place from the transfer of modern expertise and technology. To emphasize that whatever specialty the student will choose, we will work to give him. Or her the opportunity to be free from the illiteracy of the computer, and to contribute to the building of the skills of life of the student with special attention to communication skills, acquisition of the elements of teamwork, enriching the capabilities of the initiative Good planning in implementation of the directives of the political leadership and the vision of Egypt 2030. I take this opportunity to offer you the entire faculty and the faculty staff of the college with the best congratulations on the new academic year with my best wishes for the good time.

Moreover, success ...I also congratulate the college community (faculty, students and administrative staff) on the celebration of the Golden Jubilee (1969-2019).


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