The open Education

The open Education is an academic System which allows teaching courses through distance by internet, TV or any distance Education’s means .In all cases, the final exam is held in the Campus, also through common meetings face to face and that happening according to the need of offered programs and follow the instructions organized in terms of interaction with the lecturer and reporting

Cairo University Center for Open Education in partnership with KFS University provides the following academic programs that offer a pass degree based on credit hours in the following programs:

  • Faculty of Commerce, Bachelor of financial and commercial transactions:

  • The student gets a bachelor degree in financial and commercial transactions from the Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University, in one of the disciplines included in programs which are :

    • Accounting
    • Business Administration
    • Insurance
  • Faculty of Agriculture, Bachelor of Technology and cultivation of desert lands which gives students a bachelor's degree in technology, reclamation and farming desert from the faculty of Agriculture

  • Faculty of Law, Bachelor of Legal Studies which gives students a bachelor's degree in legal studies from the Faculty of Law

  • Faculty of Arts, Bachelor of translation which gives students degree in translation from English and French language Department, Faculty of Arts

  • Faculty of Mass Communication, Bachelor of Mass Communication which gives students a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication from the Faculty of Mass Communication

  • Arabic language program and Islamic culture (house of Science) which gives students a bachelor's degree in Arabic language and Islamic culture from the Faculty of Science


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