Special News
National Association of Nigerian Universities in a Visit to Kafrelsheikh University



 The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary receives today a delegation of national association of Nigerian Universities, including Dr Roqia Ahmed Refa’a, the previous minister of education, Dr Peter Akinsula Okipiokula, the executive secretary of the association and number of presidents of Nigerian Universities to search the ways of cooperation between Nigerian Universities and Kafrelsheikh University in the fields of education and scientific research.

During the meeting, the president stresses the keenness of Kafrelsheikh University to support the relations of cooperation with African countries, praising the level of historical relations and the depth of ties connecting Egypt with Nigeria in all scientific, educational and cultural fields, identifying the university, number of its faculties, students and its provided programs.

El Kemary adds that the university is ready to provide all aspects of support to Nigeria in the fields of higher education and scientific research, overcome all difficulties that Nigerian students face to study in Kafrelsheikh University faculties and institutions and meet the Nigerian needs in different specializations as well as exchange staff members and students.

During the meeting, the two sides discuss enhancing the ways of cooperation between the university and higher education institutions in Nigeria, especially attracting Nigerian students at the level of Bachelor and Post-graduation studies, exchanging staff members and benefiting from scientific search programs between the two sides.