Special News
Scholarships, summer camps and training for students of Kafrelsheikh University in Chinese universities, factories and companies


     Prof. Alkemary , President of Kafrelsheikh  University, visited China for four days. This visit comes within the framework of Kafrelsheikh university  endeavors to support partnership and cultural and academic exchange between the University and the distinguished universities of East Asian countries (ASEAN) and worldwide  to promote education and scientific research at the university and contribute to the transfer of knowledge and technology.

     Alkemary  visited the Chinese Association of International Cultural Exchange and Cultural Development of the Chinese Government (Khan Ban Foundation) in Beijing, the capital of China, which is responsible for the establishment of Confucius Institute worldwide, as well as the establishment of four Chinese universities.

  Alkemary  met with the presidents of these universities and their deputies and some secretaries and secretaries of the Communist Party of China, deans and faculty members and students studying Arabic language programs in these universities. Dr. Husain Ibrahim, the Egyptian cultural consultant in Beijing attended the meeting.

     The two parties  discussed the  ways and areas of joint scientific and academic cooperation, the exchange of students and professors, and the establishment of joint academic programs for both Kafrelsheikh  and Jihnua university to provide a training program for Egyptian students in Chinese companies and factories.A memorandum was signed between the two universities for scientific and academic cooperation.

     The cooperation between the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the Faculty of History and Community Development at Shandong University and the Faculty of Arts at Kafr El-Sheikh University was also agreed upon in the establishment of the Egyptian-Chinese Studies Center at Kafr El-Sheikh University and the exchange of students and faculty members between the two universities through granting the Silk Road. And they were identified at the University of Kafr El-Sheikh and responded to their inquiries and questions and expressed their desire to complete the study of Arabic language at the University of Kafr El-Sheikh. He also planted a tree on behalf of the University of Kafr El-Sheikh on campus as a symbol of giving and cooperation and seeking to reap the fruits of cooperation and love between the two universities. The tree planting ceremony was attended by Vice President, Deans and some faculty members and Chinese students studying Arabic. The university president expressed his desire to visit Egypt in October to support and promote academic and cultural cooperation between the two universities.

     The two parties  also agreed to set up summer camps for students in both universities to learn about Egyptian and Chinese culture and train young people under the fifth item of the belt and road initiative launched by the Chinese president at the World Forum for International Cooperation in the presence of 37 countries including President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, Between the peoples and support the joint cooperation through the exchange of young people with the support of the Chinese government, which allocated ten thousand grants did not benefit the Egyptian youth.

 The two sides also discussed the possibility of Chinese youth participation in the international youth conference held in Egypt annually and that the Egyptian Cultural Bureau in Beijing will be responsible for coordination.