Special News
Kafrelsheikh University is receiving a Group of Academic Staff from Algerian Universities for Training at its updated Scientific & Research Laboratories
Today Wednesday 13l12l2017 , Prof. Dr. Maged Elkemary  Kafrelsheikh University president welcomed both Dr. Sabrina Rahaly & Dr. Safia Kholif ; academician at Faculty of Agriculture
& Faculty of Veterinary  Medicine  at AlHag lkhader University at Algeria; the  aim of the visit is to investigate the possibilities  of scientific  training & cultural exchange in the field of  
Molecular Biology.  These will be done at the updated, and new laboratories at the Faculty of Agriculture at kafrelsheikh University as it possess   high tech;   updated and state of the 
Art equipment;  instruments,  as well as educational facilities which cannot be available in majority of international universities. Whereas, and in these Scientific and Research labs, 
experiments and analysis are done with high speed and high level of  accuracy, furthermore; a training of competent specialists in their fields can take their place at these labs,
 in addition will be able  for competing the labor market on the local, national and international level as well.