Special News
The President Participates in the Third International Conference on Anti-counterfeiting of Medicines and Pharmaceutics

The president Prof DrMaged el Kemary attends the third international conference on Anti-counterfeiting of Medicines and Pharmaceutics which has begun in Kuwait on Tuesday 19/1/2016 until Wednesday organized by the Ministry of Health in Kuwait and Arab Union to combat counterfeiting in drugs and the executive office of the council of the Ministries of Health for the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

As well, the president delivered a speech about Nanotechnology in combating counterfeiting, forgery and cheating medicines and praised the idea of organizing such kind of conferences concerned with the important issue related to the risk of fraud in drugs, pharmaceutics and cosmetics related to three key issues namely health protection, consumer protection and the extent of damage and risks of these harmful practices on people’s lives and their health as well as the fight against the commercial fraud and the provision of health prevention to protect our communities.

The conference is held under the authority of secretary-general of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Sheikha Nawal el Sabah, the head of Arab Union of anti-counterfeit medicine and medical supplies.

ersities especially in the field of Nanotechnology and laser applications to benefit from these scientific and research experiments and applying them in different faculties that aim at achieving universality.