Special News
Rector of "taeez"university visited kafr elsheikh university

Prof.dr."maged elkemary" welcomed in his office the rector of "taeez" university,"dr.mohamed shoaaib" and a delegation from assiut university to sign a mutual cooperation protocol between kafr elsheikh university and taeez university .

Prof.dr.maged elkemary accompanied  the delegation to visit the practical faculties of the university ,they visited the faculty of medicine,the faculty of science and also visited the most important laboratories and equipments located in these faculties,and this was in the presence of dr."ali aboshosha" the vice chancellor for community service and environment affairs ,and dr .alaa morsy the vice dean of the faculty of medicine at assiut university who admired what he had seen in kafr elsheikh university .

Dr."Mohamed shoaib " said to "el isbooa" newspaper that accompanied him in his visit "what I have seen today was more than I have heard about the university ,this university has the abilities and constituents  that make it in world university class, and it is actually a university with international standards ,I would like to express my appreciation to university rector for his efforts in establishing this international edifice" ,he also expressed his happiness about the mutual cooperation between the two universities in various fields.

On the same context dr.maged said that the features of the mutual cooperation between the two universities are built on exchanging students and staff members between the two universities and also there are many facilties to yemeni post graduate students for master's and ph.d degrees,adding to these the technical support to yemnei universities .

Dr.maged explained that kafr elsheikh university is always in development and it has a scientific and technological identity and is caring for all the values, he also said that the interest of infrastructure and research and educational preparations is for community service and industry and for converting the researchers' innovations to a product that the community can benefit from and to be a support for our national economy in various fields .