Special News
The Visit of the top Agricultural attaché in United States of America Consulate

Prof. Dr. Maged el Kemary(THE RECTOR), Prof. Dr. Atef Salim(THE DEAN OF FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE) and Prof Dr Ali Abu Shoshaa(the vice dean for community service affairs of the Faculty of Agriculture )met Mrs Rachel Trejo, the top agricultural attaché in USA Consulate in Cairo and Dr Ahmed Walli, the consulate secretary to search the ways of cooperation in the agricultural field between the university and American universities.

As, the attaché visited the research farm in the Faculty of Agriculture and inspect experiences of rice crop and the ways of cooperation between the university and American Universities.

In the framework of the sought of university leadership to link the university to local community and its permanent keenness to serve the community, Experiments and Agricultural Researches Center in the Faculty of Agriculture seek to define farmers new varieties of high production and resistance to diseases and insects and encourage farmers to implement the recommendations of agricultural transactions to get the highest productivity with the development of solutions to the problems they meet and train post-graduation students.