Special News
The Visit of Indonesian Delegation to Kafrelsheikh University

 Kafrelsheikh University rector Prof. Dr. Maged el Kemary received the Indonesian delegation under the authority of educational and cultural counselor of Indonesia Embassy Dr Fahmi Luqman ; the assistants of  educational and cultural counselor Dr Makhlassan Jamal el Deen and Dr Tawfik Rahman to discuss mutual cooperation between two countries as the counselor invited the president to attend "intellectual forum among Egyptian and Indonesian Universities Presidents to establish mutual teamwork" on Thursday 18/9/2014 in the presence of the ministers of education between the two countries to discuss the aspects of cooperation in the field of education and fields of development of education and cooperation in the field of mutual scientific search between Kafrelsheikh University and Indonesian Universities, exchange of students and staff members.

This forum also assures the importance of mutual scientific cooperation between Indonesia and Egyptian universities as well as scientific publication and support of cultural issues.

The two parties agreed on the educational and cultural points and exchange of students between university and Indonesian universities in the field of advanced researches in energy and water.

On the other hand, the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary assured the importance of cooperation in the field of agriculture, the use of new techniques as well as agriculture without soil and and reserves, and agriculture using saline water; also cooperation in the field of desalination Sea by using Nanotechnology, renewable energy and wind energy which entries within the interests of university of sea by using Nanotechnology, renewable energy and wind energy which entries within the interests of university. As well, he assures the importance of supporting mutual scientific publication and creating mutual degrees between two countries as well as teaching Arabic Language in the Faculty of Arts for Indonesian Students especially that Kafrelsheikh governorate is distinguished with security stability and has no security problems as well as mentions the importance of mutual cooperation in the fields of sportive and social activities as the university includes playgrounds equipped to world-class and large green spaces which participates in supporting educational process and various sportive activities.

In the end, the Indonesian delegation under the authority of Prof Dr Maged el Kemary and the vice president Prof D Mohamed Abu Walli survey university faculties especially the Faculties of Medicine, Physical Therapy, Sportive Education and Science which includes Nanotechnology center, Nuclear Physics Lab, Advanced Chemical Kinetics Lab, Renewable Energy Lab, Magnetic Resonance Lab, Nono photons Lab and Polymers Lab where they express their impression of laboratories and equipment which carry the characteristics of international quality and also praises constructions, organization and  green spaces as well as new lab equipment, auditoriums, educational and research preparations for students of special needs in the university.