Special News
the rector visit to Russia

Prof.dr. maged elkemary ,(the rector) and dr.elsaied elnashar,(the dean of specific education college),visited Russia in the period from 27 may to 31 may2014,the visit included signing memorandum of understanding between kafr elsheikh university and Ivanovo Polytechnical university ,also a cooperation agreement had been signed between kafr elsheikh university and agicultural academy in the state of Ivanovo in Russia.the visit included the discussion of the cooperation agreement between kafr elsheikh university and the institute of chemical engineering in the state of Ivanovo in Russia .dr.maged participated in honoring the outstanding researchers in the international conference of textile (smartex) held in Ivanovo polytechnical university.dr.maged visited the laboratory of nanotechnology ,the faculty of architecture and construction,the faculty of mechanics and car production ,departments of textile and clothes ,the museum of agriculture academy and student educational farms ,through the visit there was a meeting with the members of the  supreme committee for quality and accreditation in the ministry of higher education in Moscow .