Special News
The Visit of Dr Saied Ben Suliman, the Omani Cultural Attaché, for the University

   Within the cooperation between Kafrelsheikh University and Omani Universities, the university hosted Prof Dr Saied Ben Suliman el Essani, the Omani Cultural Attaché, on Wednesday 6/6/2012.

They discussed ways of cooperation among Kafrelsheikh University and Oman Universities such as a future plan for the aspects of cooperation in exchanging the scientific delegations and students visit. Moreover, Prof Dr Saied expressed his complete readiness to provide all help and nominated Nizwa and Sultan Qaboos Universities.

Kafrelsheikh University should search for all doors and follow the policy of direct advertisement for university and its possibilities to receive the students’ delegation in the university. on the other hand, the cultural attaché presented a proposal which is the participation of students in the conference of training and rehabilitation in Oman and in the international higher education conference. Besides, he invited professors and students of all specializations to attend seminars and conferences between two universities as the relationship between them is characterized by inveteracy. Through the visit, Prof Dr Maged el Kemary, Prof Dr Saied Bed Suilman, the vices of president, the heads of faculties and professors visited the following:

o Plant pathology laboratory in the faculty of Agriculture.

o The faculty of Science (laboratories of chemistry, Physics and Nanotechnology).

o The educational hospital building.

o The faculty of Medicine.

o The student services and stadiums buildings.

o The faculty of Veterinary medicine and Biotechnology.

o Laboratory for analyzing feed, water and food with the animal origin.

o The central laboratory for the diagnosis of animal, poultry and fish diseases researches.

o Units for analysis and research of immunity and blood.