Special News
Scientific Cooperation with Kagoshima University

The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary and his delegation discuss with Kagoshima University president, vices president, faculties’ deans and vices deans to search mutual scientific and research issues according to the invitation from the president of Kagoshima University to visit them because of the understanding memorandum between the two faculties of Agriculture in 2011.
Through the meeting, they agree to expand the fields of scientific cooperation for all faculties because of memorandum, concentrate on fish wealth and medicine, research the fields of cooperation in mutual supervision field for the students of postgraduate studies and academic exchange and scientific experts as well as mutual Master’s degree between the two universities and mutual educational program in the field of fish wealth which grants mutual Bachelor.

On the other hand, the two presidents discuss the best ways for the development of cultural and scientific cooperation relationship between the two universities and topics relating to the establishment of mutual educational programs and projects include all specialisms and especially in the field of Education as well as the exchange of scientific visits of professors and students and the participation in scientific and cultural conferences held in them to benefit from scientific experiences.

Otherwise, they assures that it is important to activate the cooperation relationships between them, present scholarships and scientific missions for administrators, assistant lecturers and staff in Kafrelsheikh University and also free for Japanese students to study Arabic or field training and to present the technical support for the faculty and university hospital.