Some activities


v  Prof. Dr. Alaa Salem, Head of the Geology Department, visited Paris, France during the period from 26 to 28 September, 2018, to participate in the prestigious "Women's Science Awards", presented by L'Oreal UNESCO International in Paris to select distinguished researchers in the field of science. He has been nominated as an international arbitrator in this competition by arbitrators from several countries (France - Canada - England - Guatemala - China - Brazil - South Africa - Mexico - Egypt – Morocco). The number of contestants was 65 contestants representing different continents of the world to compete for only 5 prizes (only one winner from each continent).



v  Prof. Dr. Alaa Salem, Head of the Geology Department, visited Shanghai, China, to participate in the international workshop on "The Great Deltas in the World" which was held from October 14 to 17, 2018. Experts from more than 15 countries (America - England - France - Belgium - Netherlands - Italy - China - Uruguay - Pakistan - and others). He delivered a lecture on the Nile Delta in which he reviewed the geomorphological situation of the Delta and the challenges it faces as well as the strategies taken to protect it from sea level rise and future recommendations. He also participated in a series of discussions on delta problems, challenges and future protection plans.

 There are several research labs that assist in the scientific research process in the department. In order to keep pace with the global development in scientific research. Which helps to serve the homeland and society.


The section also contains a special museum that contains many samples that help in the educational process in the department.