The Objectives


1.    To applied knowledge of modern techniques in the field of botany and microbiology.

2.    To seeking excellence in higher education, scientific research, and community service

3.    To develop and achieve ways to guarantee the quality of performance and outputs.

4.    To optimal use of modern technology in education and scientific research.

5.    To provide a suitable environment for study and scientific research.

6.    To promote the principles of continuous learning so that students can continue their professional self-development.

7.    Tp activate participation in conferences, workshops and scientific research activities related to the field of botany and microbiology.

8.    To study the medicinal plants registered as natural vegetation in Egypt and how to benefit from them in producing drugs and the possibility of their propagation.

9.    To graduating students who have the ability to compete in the labor market in various fields of plants / chemistry (research centers - dyeing and weaving plants - analysis laboratories - pharmaceutical companies - fertilizer and chemical companies).

10. To prepare the graduates with the ability to contribute to economic and scientific renaissance and community development programs.

11. The graduate have the ability to analyze, conclude and use appropriate methods in various fields of chemistry.

12. To identify, understand, evaluate and distinguish different levels of ecosystems.