The Objectives


This program aims to:

1)      Provide students with the fundamental terminology, concepts and theories of basic science to interpret geological and natural phenomena.

2)      Provide students with the concepts and theories of advanced geological subjects to identify the role of geology in the development of society.

3)      Provide students with various geological approaches that meet community needs in terms of good use of economic resources, environmental, societal and ethical aspects, as well as safety requirements.

4)      Provide students with certain skills for using the different geological tools to acquire, analyze, interpret and figure data to reach reasonable and appropriate conclusions.

5)      Provide students with knowledge and skills necessary to participate effectively in team working in both the field and laboratory and to be flexible in decision making and working under stress, as well as exhibiting the sense of beauty and neatness.

6)      Provide students with knowledge and skills necessary to estimate and evaluate the geological hazards on the visibility of applied geological environment and economical aspects.

7)      Provide students with certain skills to apply the relevant information technology in geology, to adopt self-learning, and to participate effectively in research activities.