Faculty Objectives

Faculty seeks to achieve the following objectives:

1.   Conduct scientific studies and applied research in the field of computers and information primarily those that have a direct impact on the integrated development of the society and the establishment of specialized units research in various branches of computers and information.

2.   Providing consultancy and scientific and technical assistance to bodies and those who use computers and information technology industry is interested and decision-making and support.

3.   Train technical personnel in various sectors of the state on computers and information technology.

4.   Raise awareness and deepen in the community in order to use computers and information technology in various sectors and institutions of the state, and raise the efficiency of use.

5.   Organization of conferences and scientific meetings held with a view to upgrading the education and deepen the scientific concept of specialized cadres.

6.   The ability to use the skills, techniques and tools of modern engineering and the necessary software to design and build software.

7.   Held scientific agreements with corresponding bodies and institutions at the local, regional and global level in order to exchange views and conduct research related to the disciplines of Computer and Information.

8.   Provide and strengthen the means of publication and scientific research in various areas of specialization.

9.   Establishment of specialized units advanced in various branches of Computing and Information Sciences.

10.               Subscription with specialized for the development and localization of different systems and applications software entities.