The Dean


Prof Dr Hasan Hasan Youness

I am pleased to welcome you at the website of Faculty of Agriculture……Kafrelsheikh University, this distinguished scientific edifice which represents beam of light and thought on the land of Kafrelsheikh governorate…The faculty took it upon itself to expand the circle of knowledge and factors of urbanization for sons of Territory including qualified cadres and Enormous material possibilities that were and are the biggest support for the establishment of Kafrelsheikh University. The distinguished agricultural education qualified for competition in labor market locally and regionally and based on fundamentals of quality and accreditation standards is the hope for the superiority of this nation to achieve welfare for its sons and save dignity of nation, so we must be serious and diligent in obtaining knowledge and acquiring scientific skills and ethical and behavioral aspects. This website will provide you with required information about institutional structure and scientific and research activities for our ancient faculty.